• Each subject is run over several weeks, with one subject on Monday Evenings, and another on Wednesday Evenings
  • We will offer subjects in the order below, but if we don’t have three or more students, that course will not run and we’ll offer the next subject instead!
  • The order in which we offer subjects is the recommended order in which to study and sit your exams!
  • To book your place you MUST book and pay by the date stated below. If the course does not take place, you will get your money back.
  • You MUST make your booking via the email address  nigel@eayppl.com, and an invoice will be emailed back to you in order to pay by the latest payment date shown
  • Unfortunately, you cannot pay via the flying club, only via the invoice we send you


Subject Number of sessions Cost Latest Payment Date Ground School Dates Course Instructor
Air Law & ATC Procedures 6 £125.00 4th Jan 2017 Wednesdays commencing 18th Jan 2017 Nigel Willson
Operational Procedures 3 £65.00 2nd Jan 2017 Mondays commencing  16th Jan 2017 Mike Naylor
Aircraft General Knowledge 4 £85.00 TBA Nigel Willson
Principles of Flight 4 £85.00 TBA Mike Naylor
Human Performance & Limitations 2 £45.00 TBA Nigel Willson
Meteorology 5 £105.00 TBA Mike Naylor
Navigation 6 £125.00 TBA Nigel Willson
Communications 4 £85.00 TBA Mike Naylor
Flight Performance & Planning 4 £85.00 TBA Mike Naylor