Ground School


  • We’re happy to announce another set of evening ground school classes for 2018 for all the PPL theoretical Exam subjects.

    To book your place, you will need to visit a, select and pay for the course of your choice in order to secure your booking.

    If the course does not have enough numbers to take place, you will get a full refund.

    Details of the courses and dates below, or see the attached PDF file.

    Don’t delay – BOOK TODAY!

    Evening Ground School


    • Each subject is run over several weeks, with one subject on Monday Evenings, and another on Wednesday Evenings
    • We offer subjects in the order below, but if we don’t have three or more students, that course will not run and we’ll offer the next subject instead!
    • The order in which we offer courses is the recommended order in which to study and sit your exams! This also fits in with your flying training syllabus.
    • Booking and payment is via the Easy PPL website: by the date shown below. If the course does not take place, you will get a full refund. Unfortunately, you cannot pay via the flying club.


    Subject Number of sessions Cost Latest Payment Date Ground School Dates Course Instructor
    Air Law & ATC Procedures 6 £125.00 8th Jan 2018 Mondays commencing 15th Jan 2018 Mike Naylor
    Operational Procedures 3 £65.00 10th Jan 2018 Wednesdays commencing  17th Jan 2018 Nigel Willson
    Aircraft General Knowledge 4 £85.00 TBA Mike Naylor
    Principles of Flight 4 £85.00 TBA Nigel Willson
    Human Performance & Limitations 2 £45.00 TBA Mike Naylor
    Meteorology 5 £105.00 TBA Nigel Willson
    Navigation 6 £125.00 TBA Mike Naylor
    Communications 4 £85.00 TBA Nigel Willson
    Flight Performance & Planning 4 £85.00 TBA Nigel Willson