Carol Cooper Celebrates 30 Years Instructing at Andrewsfield

Carol Cooper celebrated on the 21st February, 30 years of instructing at Andrewsfield, in those 30 years Carol has amassed over an incredible 23,000 hours.


Carol Cooper







22 comments on “Carol Cooper Celebrates 30 Years Instructing at Andrewsfield

  1. Dave Gauntlett on

    Congratulations Carol on a fantastic achievement and being such a great instructor also. You lead the way, set the standards and make us all try harder. You are an asset to the community, a bedrock of safety and a provider to all levels. Well done.

  2. Adam Morris on

    Congratulations Carol,

    You know you personally played a massive part of getting me where I am today in my career. Thank you 👍🏻

    Fantastic instructor full of knowledge and inspiration.

    Here’s to a few more years…!

  3. Enid Havard on

    Well done Carol. A fantastic career—I remember the very beginning of it. May you have many more successful years & happy landings!
    All good wishes, Enid.

  4. Paul Slater on

    Well done Boss! I’m just another you have helped live the dream! Here’s to many more years of blue skies

  5. Pete Bethge on

    Congratulations Carol, I remember you in the early 1980′ when you were just a “Horse Rider” and I was told to look out for you when I did “Low Passes” with the “Pawnee” so as not to get the Club in your bad books – Well done, you’ve made Andrewsfield what it is today xx.

  6. Paul Tumbridge on

    Congratulations Carol. You have done so much for the aviation industry and taught me so much, an inspiration to all. Heres to the next thirty years. x

  7. Andrew on

    Well done Carol that’s an amazing achievement – and you are still as happy and smiley now as you were 25 years ago.

  8. Richard and Jon Witchell on

    Congratulations Carol . We all love and appreciate you very much, most of us are able to say
    truthfully, where would be without you!.

  9. Martin Brown on

    Hi Carol –
    What an amazing achievement, congratulations!
    I remember you going on your first trail lesson at Andrewsfield and so the rest is history. You are an inspiration not only to your past and present students but to the whole General Aviation industry.

  10. Sharon Nicholson on


    Congratulations on your long standing career in aviation, and for being such a positive role-model for both current and future pilots.

  11. David Reid on

    Many congratulations Carol. Can it really be that many years?! Such a pleasure to learn the ropes on the twin BEXO with you. Denise also loved learning to First Solo with you and later getting to know how to handle Tango Victor. May you continue to give many more hours of flying training.

  12. carol cooper on

    Thank you all for your kind comments. It has been 30 great years – because of all the people I have met on the way.
    Carol xx

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