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Airfield Information

Stansted CTA

Stansted Agreement – since a portion of the Andrewsfield ATZ lies within the Stansted CTA/CTR/TMZ, the procedures and flight patterns specified in this Agreement must be strictly adhered to.

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General Information

Andrewsfield AIP  download   EG_AD_2_EGSL_en_2017-02-02

Opening hours: Winter: 0830-2100 and by arrangement. Summer: 0900-2000 and by

CAUTION Wind Shear RW 09 in prevailing SE Winds
Fuel AVGAS 100 LL
Status Civil, Public

Max auth weight 3000lbs



Andrewsfield is a PPR airfield, please Telephone 01371 856744 or Email before you depart. Student pilots welcome and most special requests can be catered for with due notice.



Andrewsfield is located adjacent to the village of Stebbing, and is easily located from the town of Braintree. Andrewsfield is within easy flying distance of

Latitude: 51:53:70N
Longitude: 000:26:95E
Elevation: 286 feet



A/G radio on 130.550. Inbound pilots are requested to contact us in good time prior to arrival. Inbound pilots will be given a designated squawk code to facilitate tracking with Stansted.



27R / 09L 799 x 18 metres Grass
27L / 09R 799 x 18 metres Grass


Circuit and Noise Abatement

We have developed a circuit pattern which is advantageous to both airfield users and the local community. We ask visitors to fly these patterns whenever it is safe to do so. Detailed Noise Abatement Procedures are available.


2016_Circuit_Diagram_SMALL Click Here for Large Image