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Andrewsfield Outlook

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  06:18:36am (GMT)      06:18:36am (UTC)

Headline: Chance of thundery showers, but still feeling warm.

Today: Chance of scattered thundery showers through the morning but also some warm, drier, brighter interludes. Later in the afternoon and into the evening, a more organised band of thundery showers moves north. Breezy at first in places, winds easing later. Maximum Temperature 22C.

Tonight: Any thundery showers at first, soon clearing north then turning drier, with some clear periods. Some patchy low cloud and fog is likely to form. Winds generally light. Minimum Temperature 13C.

Monday: Patchy low cloud and fog at first, lifting and dispersing. Bright or sunny spells for most, although also a few mainly light showers. Cloud and rain arriving in the evening. Maximum Temperature 20C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: Tuesday, early rain clearing then heavy showers developing, with thunder likely. Breezy. Wednesday, further rain or showers. Thursday, rain and strong winds move east, showers following later. Temperatures near normal.


Stansted (EGSS)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGSS 220550Z AUTO 11008KT 080V160 9999 NCD 17/14 Q1004

TAF: TAF EGSS 220506Z 2206/2312 10011KT 9999 SCT030 TEMPO 2206/2208 7000 SHRA PROB30 TEMPO 2206/2208 4000 +SHRA BECMG 2210/2213 20010KT TEMPO 2210/2215 6000 SHRA RA PROB40 TEMPO 2210/2214 16015G25KT 3000 +SHRA BKN009 BKN020CB BECMG 2303/2306 24010KT PROB30 TEMPO 2303/2309 8000 BKN008

Southend (EGMC)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGMC 220550Z 10004KT 080V170 CAVOK 16/14 Q1004

TAF: TAF EGMC 220506Z 2206/2215 11008KT 9999 SCT040 BECMG 2206/2209 18010KT TEMPO 2206/2214 6000 RA SHRA PROB30 TEMPO 2206/2208 4000 +SHRA PROB40 TEMPO 2210/2214 3000 +SHRA BKN012 BKN025CB

RAF Wattisham (EGUW)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGUW 220550Z AUTO 13007KT 9999 NCD 16/13 Q1004