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Andrewsfield Outlook

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  11:26:25am (GMT)      11:26:25am (UTC)

Headline: Dry with warm sunny spells today.

Today: It will be a chilly start to the day, with a few fog patches. These should soon clear, to leave a fine and dry day with sunny spells. It will feel warmer than of late with light winds. Maximum Temperature 17C.

Tonight: Dry and clear this evening, and it will become chilly for a time. however after midnight cloud will thicken, perhaps with the odd spot of rain across northern areas. Minimum Temperature 7C.

Wednesday: It will be a mostly dry and bright day, with some sunny spells developing. However cloud will tend to thicken, with showery rain possible by the evening, and freshening winds. Maximum Temperature 19C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Rain becoming heavier for a time Thursday, clearing later. Fog patches Friday morning, clearing to dry and sunny conditions. Dry and breezy Saturday with sunny spells. Warmer than of late.


Weather warnings


Stansted (EGSS)

Current conditions: MVFR

METAR: EGSS 191120Z AUTO 31006KT 270V340 9999 BKN011 BKN018 OVC027 12/09 Q1022

TAF: TAF EGSS 191101Z 1912/2018 30006KT 9999 SCT030 PROB30 TEMPO 1912/1913 BKN014 PROB40 2003/2008 3000 BR BECMG 2009/2012 22010KT

Southend (EGMC)

Current conditions: MVFR

METAR: EGMC 191120Z 30005KT 260V350 9000 SCT011 BKN015 11/08 Q1022

TAF: TAF EGMC 191059Z 1912/1921 29007KT 9999 FEW014 SCT030 PROB30 TEMPO 1912/1913 BKN014

RAF Wattisham (EGUW)

Current conditions: IFR

METAR: EGUW 191050Z 32006KT 8000 BR BKN007 SCT020 11/11 Q1021 GRN BECMG SCT015 WHT

TAF: TAF EGUW 191031Z 1912/1921 32006KT 8000 BR BKN007 BECMG 1912/1913 NSW SCT018 BECMG 1913/1915 SCT030