Advanced PPL

Irrespective of experience or number of hours flown you will learn something valuable and new!

Learn life-saving skills through this Advanced PPL course. Led by a highly experienced instructor – Nigel Willson, you will refine and learn new skills and airmanship to new levels.

The 5 to 6 hour course covers:

  • Advanced Stalling
    • Recoveries with minimum height loss
    • Go-around stalls
    • Dynamic stalls
  • Advanced Recoveries
    • Severe Attitudes
    • Spin recovery techniques
  • Advanced Turning
    • Beyond 60 degrees
    • The gliding turn-back
  • Advanced Co-ordination
    • Flight below the stall speed
    • Lazy eight
    • Chandelle
  • Advanced Circuits
    • Short/Soft Field Techniques
    • Precision Landings
    • Alternative Crosswind Techniques
    • Side Slipping
    • Curved Approaches
    • Bad Weather circuits
    • Sloping Runways
  • Distress & Diversion
    • Lost Procedures (above cloud)
    • Mayday/Pan and London Centre (121.5)
    • Speechless Code and No Compass/No Gyro Recovery to PAR
  • Advanced Forced Landings
    • Field Choices
    • Constant Aspect Approaches
    • Full Flap S-turns and Slips
    • EFATO
  • Elaborate Emergencies
    • Emergency Descents (clean/flaps)
    • Partial Power
    • Stuck Throttle
    • Disconnected Controls
    • Asymmetric Flap
    • Full Instrument Failure


Don’t take our word for it. See what others say about this course!

  • “Utterly and totally recommended, instils huge confidence in your new-found abilities with an emphasis on preparation, safety and airmanship”
  • “Such a great confidence-builder—a shame they don’t teach this stuff at normal PPL level”