Commercial Pilot’s Licence

Andrewsfield Aviation is fully approved by the UK CAA to deliver CPL practical training courses. All but the last five hours of a course can be flown either our PA28 Warrior or PA28 Arrow, although we recommend you fly sufficiently and ideally entirely in the Arrow to be fully familiar with its characteristics.

The CPL skill test must be taken in a retractable gear/variable pitch propellor aircraft, for which the Arrow is ideally suited. The course will also include differences training, a minimum of five hours flight in the Arrow and instructor signoff should you not already have that.


See our price list for current pricing

Our prices include all ground school, instructor fees, Andrewsfield landing fees and VAT.

Prices do not include away landing fees, approach fees, test fees and examiner fees

Any training additional to the course minimum hours will be charged at our CPL training hourly rates.

Andrewsfield aircraft used for test will be charged at normal  aircraft PPL hire rates.