24/09/2023 9:00   Seems Easy? Think Again! Suitable for both students and pilots!   Come and get an introduction to the art of close formation with Nigel Willson and Pete Brand, who are both highly experienced formation display pilots.   Subject to suitability other aircraft are available (including learning in your own aircraft)  
These events have been highly popular in the past and will give you a great opportunity to develop your skills as a pilot as you learn to fly in a 2-ship formation. Prior to flying it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you study the FORMATION FLYING Theory Course in order to get the very best experience from your flying, since we will not be holding a separate detailed briefing on the day . To undertake the required theory course visit:   Flying Training  Slots are available from 09:00 to 16:30 and will consist of a 60 minute flight. £40.00 non-returnable deposit required at time of booking (other aircraft available for formation training, but price varies if other aircraft used) Book your slot now by calling the airfield on 01371 856744 or email