Harvard Flights from Andrewsfield – CANCELLED COVID 19

24/05/2020 9:00

You will be flying with a highly qualified display pilot and you will be able to log the flight .

  • The flight is a Trial Lesson.
  • Aerobatics included (loop/roll) if requested
  • We provide flight suits and headset for the flight.
  • Flyers get a free T-shirt to take away with them.
  • Flyers get a free certificate to take away with them.
Flight times as below. but please arrive 30 mins before these times  
0900 BOOKED (JM)
0945 BOOKED ( JF)
1030 BOOKED (AS)
1115 BOOKED ( PW)
1200 BOOKED (AG)
1330 BOOKED (RE)
1415 BOOKED (JP)
1500 BOOKED (SC)
Please email info@andrewsfield.com to book your slot.