Gold Award

Gold Flight Level

Open to all pilots, but at least two of the achievements should have been completed after the launch date of the scheme.

Achievement goals

  1. Flight Hours since skills test or LPC: 200 hours PIC and 250 hours total
  1. Broader Horizons – 4 experiences flown with, or coached by, an instructor (i.e. 2 Bronze + 1 Silver + 1 more)

Examples: In addition to the Bronze & Silver lists, a Gold candidate may claim: Glass cockpit c/o, Organise a fly-out, XC flight as PIC outside EASA, participation in a Nav competition (e.g. RIN TopNav), or an experience on the Diamond list.

  1. New skills – 4 additional ratings or (club) qualifications (i.e. 1 Bronze + 2 Silver + 1 more)

Examples: In addition to the Bronze & Silver lists, a Gold candidate may consider: the AOPA Aerobatic certificate, the Andrewsfield Formation certificate, MEP rating, CRI rating, Mountain rating, or acquisition of a non- EASA PPL

  1. Cross country achievements (a + b + c all as PIC)
    1. Total XC distance flown 500 nm (minimumm)
    2. 1 XC achievement beyond those held for Bronze + Silver: e.g. ….
      • A flight greater than 350nm with 2-3 intermediate landings, or
      • Foreign landings in 3 countries outside the UK
    3. Land-aways at 7 different airfields (i.e. 3 Bronze + 2 Silver + 2)

All XC achievements must be flown as PIC and there must be a land-away on each flight (the point of departure or destination may be Andrewsfield). Qualifying distances must exceed 30 nm per flight. Flight can be shared; i.e. different PIC’s outward and return. For land-aways, only one can be an airfield visited during training, and an air-field can only be used for 1 claim (e.g. land-away or foreign landing, not both).

  1. Seminar attendance – 4 seminars, safety events or short courses (2 Bronze + 1 Silver + 1 more), organised for example, by GASCo, R.Ae.S., PPL/IR, AOPA, LAA, Met Office or Andrewsfield.