The UK ‘Instrument Rating (Restricted)’ has replaced the IMC rating . The UK IMC rating was introduced to allow UK based pilots to gain the skills they need to safely fly in instrument conditions in case the weather catches you out.

The IR(R) allows the holder to operate UK registered aircraft, under IFR and in UK uncontrolled, or Class D/E airspace. They can also conduct instrument approach procedures.

The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours flying where you’ll be introduced to basic and applied instrument techniques. You’ll learn how to fly straight and level, turn, climb and descend, all without looking out of the window. You’ll then learn how to perform instrument approaches down to the published minima. The course concludes with a Flight Test and a single, multiple-choice, theory exam. Ground school is available for the theory test.

Pre Course Requirments

Before being issued with an IR(R) you need to have completed 25 hrs following your PPL issue, including 10 hrs solo P1 time. IR(R) training may be included in the 25 hrs required.