Flight Level (PROUD) Scheme

In line with the CAA’s PROUD (Pilot Recognition for Operational Upskilling & Development) framework, the Andrewsfield Flight Level Scheme aims to:

•    Provide our pilots with motivation and purpose after qualifying for their licence;
•    Encourage development of flying skills, raise confidence, and increase proficiency especially with regard to safe and effective flying in the area which is relatively busy and close to CAS;
•    Present a logical progression of achievements through clearly defined steps;
•    Offer incentives for pilots to gain more benefit from renewing their licences and encourage participation in further training.

Proficiency achievements cover the following areas:
1.    Flight hours (PIC and total) – after passing the skills test or renewal LPC test
2.    Broder horizons – new ‘taster’ experiences flown with, or coached by, an instructor
3.    New skills- additional ratings/qualifications gained
4.    Cross country achievements (cumulative distance flown, distance flights, flights with a higher degree of challenge)
5.    Attendance at seminars


What different about our scheme?

  • There is no fee! And we offer modest financial incentives to those who achieve as well as personal recognition.
  • We try to accommodate the different goals and interests present amongst our members.
  • The bronze level is specifically aimed at new PPL holders (and those who have renewed lapsed ratings through an LPC). We want to:
    • Reduce the post-test drop-out rate.
      Encourage meaningful and fun development activities, which have more value than ‘staying current by an hour per month local flying’.
    • Do so at the modest cost, within a budget of 15 hours flying per year.
    • Included ‘taster experiences’, which may encourage pilots to train for further ratings.
    • Balance the needs for early-PPL’s to become independent pilots (captaincy) and build PIC hours, with an element of coaching, through pre-flight briefing or instructions through taster experiences.
    • The scheme includes sociable flying (club fly-outs and mutal flying) because these provide encouragement and motivation, and can help pilots to share costs.
    • We include training activities which are offered by Andrewsfield and relevant to our location (close to CAS), as well as generic aspects of the PROUD framework. However we do not exclude activities which might be undertaken elsewhere (e.g. mountain flying.)
    • We reward cross-county experience through a combination of cumulative miles and flight challenges undertaken. Long distance flight is one of the several possible challenges. This is in an attempt to make cross-country achievements more diverse and affordable.
  • We have broadened the definition of seminar to include approved club talks, ground school and visits.
  • We encourage participants to seek an instructor to act as a coach and offer support.
  • Members will receive a simple ‘passport’ through which they can track their progress.
  • We will profile award holders as role models through the club newsletter and social events.


General guidelines

1.    The scheme is open to all Andrewsfield members, instructors and staff.
2.    The achievements list are not exhaustive. Pilots are encouraged to propose alternative achievements and activities of equivalent status.
3.    Pilots may use a higher level of achievement for a lower level of award (but and achievement can only be used once!).
4.    Ratings used as part of a claim must be current at the time of claim.
5.    The Bronze award is open to pilots who have not yet completed 25 hours PIC post-skills-test, or who have not yet completed all the bronze goals.
6.    The Bronze award is also open to those who renewed their rating through an LPC test. In this case, achievements and hours are counted from the LPC date.
7.    The Silver, Gold and Diamond awards are open to all pilots. The scheme primarily aims to encourage future flying and skills development but we don’t wish to dismiss past achievements of long-standing club members. In that spirit, we require that at least two achievements should have been completed after the launch date of the scheme.
8.    The scheme will be administered by Mike Naylor but in question of interpretation, the CFI’s decision is final!



Those who complete a Flight Level Award will be eligible for discounts on hire, fuel and/or membership at Andrewsfield Aviation for a period of 1 year from the date of achievement. The incentives are:

For hirers: 5% discount on aircraft hire for 12 months
For owners: 5% discount on fuel lifted from Andrewsfield for 12 months
For hirers: 10% discount on aircraft hire for 12 months
For owners: 10% discount on fuel lifted from Andrewsfield for 12 months
For hirers: 15% discount on aircraft hire for 12 months
For owners: 15% discount on fuel lifted from Andrewsfield for 12 months
For hirers: Free 1 year membership
For owners: Free one year membership



 Summary of the Andrewsfield Flight Level Scheme

Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Flight hours, post skills-test or renewal by LPC
Total 30 100 250 450
PiC 25 75 200 400
Broader horizons (activity can be with an instructor)
  2 from below  3 in total, any list 4 in total, any list 5 in total, any list
Activities Night XC flight

Fly-out [1]

Aerobatic lesson

Tailwheel lesson

Advanced nav [2]

Instrument flight w ILS, SRA etc

Short / farm-strip/ sloping runway

Fly-in with slot-time

GPS techniques

Flight in twin (MEP)

Formation flight

Mountain flight [3]

Glass cockpit c/o

Organise a fly-out

XC flight outside EASA

RIN TopNav competition

Air race

BAeA (aerobatic) competition

RIN TopNav as PIC


New skills (training with an instructor, leading to a formal qualification or club sign-off)
  1 from list below 3 in total, Any list 4 in total, Any list 5 in total, Any list


PA28 or C172 c/o

Cross-channel c/o

Tailwheel c/o


Complex type c/o

Tailwheel c/o

Advanced PPL

Night rating

IMC rating Aerobatic rating


MEP rating

CRI rating

EGSL Formation certificate

AOPA Aerobatic certificate

Mountain rating

Non- EASA PPL [4]

CAA DA (Display Authorisation)

FI rating


IR rating

BAeA Proficiency Card

Cross-country achievements (all as PiC)
Flown miles [5] 200 350 500 700
XC goals [6] 1 from below Bronze + 1 from below Silver +1 from below Gold + 1 from below
Distance: 150nm + 1 intermed ldg [7] Challenging nav [8]

Cross-channel PIC

Distance: 250nm + 1-2 intermed ldg

Challenging nav

Land 2 countries outside UK

Distance: 350nm + 2-3 intermed ldg’s

Land 3 countries outside UK

Distance: 500nm + 3-4 intermed ldg’s

Land 4 countries outside UK

XC land-away [9] 3 airfields 5 airfields 7 airfields 9 airfields
Seminars (proof of attendance required)
Any 2 Any 3 Any 4 Any 5
Examples ATC tower visit

GASCO safety evening

Evening lecture [10]

Gasco safety day

R.Ae.S. lecture

AOPA / LAA Safety Day

Met Office course

PPL / IR seminar

Met Office course

FlyOnTrack seminar

FI seminar




  1. Can anyone use this scheme? The scheme has been created for Andrewsfield members. Other pilots are welcome to use it to chart their progress, but the incentives are only available to Andrewsfield members.
  2. Is the going to involve a lot more instruction? Some activities and achievements require instruction, but most of the flying is PIC, on your own, with passengers or fellow pilots.
  3. Does my cross-country flying have to be PIC to count? Yes you need to be PIC to count a flight for the accumulated distance, or for a land-away. So you can take passengers. You may also fly with another PPL and share the costs- one of you flies out and the other the return, in which case each of you count the legs which you flew as PIC.
  4. I’d like to have a go at the awards, but I’ve a limited budget. Is there a time limit? No, you can start accumulating experience and hours of now and make the claim when you are ready. Some past experience and hours may also count.
  5. I’d like to build some hours as PIC flying cross country. Can I get advice on where to go? Of course! Our instructors would be glad to suggest destinations with different levels of challenge and assist you in planning if needed.
  6. I’ve got my PPL but haven’t flown much and I don’t feel confident- what should I do? Start by meeting with an instructor and making a plan. This might include some more duel flying for general handling or cross country land-aways before venturing off on your own. We’d be glad to help you achieve your goals.
  7. I got my PPL 4 years ago and have got all the bronze achievements. Can I claim the bronze incentive now? No. the bronze level is open to PPL’s within 3 years of completing their PPL skills test (or renewing their rating by LPC), or who haven’t already completed their bronze achievements. We’d encourage you to work for the silver award. What you’ve already achieved at bronze level is credited towards that.
  8. I got my PPL 5 years ago but haven’t flown much and don’t meet all the bronze achievements. Can I participate at the bronze level? Yes
  9. I’ve already got everything I need for the silver award- can I claim it now? You are almost there: we ask that you complete 2 achievements (any 2) after the launch date of the scheme in order to qualify for the silver reward.
  10. I’ve been an Andrewsfield member for years- in fact this is the only place I have ever flown. I’ve got enough for the silver award- can I claim it now? Please discuss this with the administrator or CFI.
  11. I’ve done some cross-country glider flying. Does this count towards one of the ‘broader horizons’ achievements? Yes. Please contact the scheme administrator to agree at which level this should be slotted in.
  12. I’ve done some other things, including flying outside the UK, which I think makes me a better pilot and aren’t on your list. Can I count them? Probably yes. Please talk to the scheme administrator.
  13. Is the list of activities and ratings exhaustive? No. if you have something else you’d like to be considered, please talk to the scheme administrator. As Andrewsfield develops new training activities, we will include these in the Flight Level Scheme as well.



[1] Fly-out: any group flight activity organised by Andrewsfield as approved by CFI – e.g. fly-out, treasure hunt, precision navex

[2] Nav beyond the scope of PPL training, done with an instructor  or solo – e.g. CAS requiring high level of airmanship (Stansted or Luton, not Southend), the Luton – Stansted – Heathrow corridor; long distance flight (>250 nm out and return), GPS nav (ground school + flight)

[3] items in blue are not offered by Andrewsfield – consult CFI for recommendations

[4] requiring training or test

[5] Miles nm (as flown) as PIC, after passing skills test or LPC, cumulative; individual legs to exceed 30 nm; point of departure or destination  may  be Andrewsfield (but there must be a land-away). Pilots may seek briefing or advice from instructors. Flight can be shared; i.e. different PIC’s outward and return

[6] If a trip falls into more than 1 achievement category, it can only be used to claim 1 achievement!

[7] Candidate must be PIC for the entire route claimed

[8] Examples: flight in Luton – Stansted – Heathrow corridor; flight to busy controlled (towered) airfield; flight requiring use of VOR

[9] One may be an airfield visited during training, rest should be new; all as PIC

[10] E.g. talks or ground school at Andrewsfield given by instructors relating to safety and skills (e.g. TEM, Nav near CAS, Nav with GPS), or by members (as approved by the CFI)