Andrewsfield COVID Guideline from 19th July 2021

Dear All,

This email is to update you all on our COVID guidlines moving forward from the 19th July.

As much as we would like to remove all restrictions, prudence tells us we should still take reasonable precautions for the foreseable future.

We are therefore asking all of you to respect the following guidlines whislt at Andrewsfield.


We will remove the requirement to wear masks when entering the clubhose whether to use the WC or to be seated at a table to eat and drink. We would ask that everyone still maintains at least 1 meter social distance where possible and if at the bar or office to avoid any crowding . We will endeavour to keep the club house well ventilated but would suggest you stay outside or in the marquee when possible.

Instructor- Students and Staff. 

Rear briefing room should only be used by the above persons.

We would ask that each instructor be responsible to ensure that they are happy to  instruct in the classroom and aircraft. However both Instructor and Student must be in total agreement with any requested measures.

We will have a COVID station by the Main Briefing room door with Face Masks/Hand Sanitiser/Temp Check Gun/ Lateral FlowTests available.

We would suggest that when you enter the rear briefing room/rooms that instructors and students carry out the following.

1.  Both parties declare vaccine status (no comments to be made and individuals must  respect  each other views)

2.  Both parties use hand sanitisers

3.  Both parties do a temperature check using infrared temp checker provided

4.  Lateral flow test, if either party request such test. (Prior to arrival if possible or on site).

5.  Both parties should decide on the wearing of face masks in classroom and aircraft.

Please keep classrooms ventilated where possible.

If an agreement is not reached then the flight should not take place.

Mike & Carol