Christmas & New Year Operations

Following  the recent Governments  guidline to ease lockdown for 5 days (23rd to 27th December)  Andrewsfield has issued the following statement.

Unfortunalty the virus is still prevelant and we believe that the relaxation over this 5 day period, although welcome, will also put many households at greater risk, especially those households with school children and teenagers at universities and colleges.

However, with us all having come this far, we feel that it would be unwise to ignore the possible dangers of an increase in cases. This said we also respect and symphise with members who are so desperate to fly.

We are therefore going to put the following conditions in place.

If any Instructor or Student has utilised the relaxation of household mixing, then you must wait 7 days from the 27th December, and if no one from your bubbles have shown any covid symptoms you may return to flying from the 4th January 2021. If you have a Covid test after the 27th that is negative you may return immediatly.

If  any Instructors or Students do not utilise the 5 day Christmas relaxation and continue under the regulations of the tier in place prior to the 23rd -27th and thereafter, then they may continue to train with special arrangement direct with their instructor.

Owners may continue to operate and fuel will be available outside of the closed dates.

Hire of aircraft may also be booked whilst the club is open if pilots are current on type. PIC will be responsible for the sanatising of their aircraft prior to their flight and must continue to adhere to the Clubs COVID policies.

December 2nd – 23rd
Buisness as usual under Tier 2 guidance.

The Club will be closed
24th 25th 26th December
31st December and 1st January 2021

23rd December – 4th Jan 2021

The Millibar Cafe will be announcing its opening schedule soon.

Stay safe
Mike & Carol