COVID 19 UPDATE 1/11/2020

Hi Everyone,

Well here we are again new measures to consider.

The main criticisms in the past, has been  unclear messaging from the government and also the CAA. Once again there are grey areas in the latest government lockdown regulations, maybe they will become clearer closer to Thursdays start date.

Carol and I believe for the safety of staff, instructors and students, and having listened to the latest figues, we could push, that as schools are permitted to continue, that as a flying school, we could be deemed to fall into this category. Though we would love to continue as we are, we feel this approach is not the right course of action.

It would seem that the age groups most at risk are 45-65 and 65+. many of staff and instructors fall within these age groups and also many of our students .

If we take this into account along with the winter weather and short daylight hours, we do not feel that it is worth the risk to continue with what in the last lockdown, was deemed recreational training. This covered PPL training and Trial Lessons and any unnecessary hire or GA flying.

We are therefore making the decision to cease these activities during the latest lockdown period 5th November until Dec 2nd,unless we get clear guidance otherwise.

I know this may be difficult for those students who are close to finishing and if we can, we will look at these on an individual basis. It will also depend on what the CAA have to say.

It is likely that we will NOTAM the airfield as closed. This mean that the gate will be closed and the clubhouse,office and fueling facilities etc will be unavailable. Therfore to be on the safe side it might be prudent to refuel your aircraft before Thursday 5th November .

For all students who have not registered for the online CAA PPL exams please register now guidance can be found also please add Andrewsfield as your prefered ATO. If there is anyway we can continue to allow these exams to be taken, we will. Once again if you have registered and are ready to take any exam prior to Thursday 5th then please email me with what exam you would like to take and what day and we will accomodate you.

We have been in discussion with neighbouring airfields Earls Colne and Stapleford and we are all thinking along the same lines.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Keep safe and thank you for your continued support during these unprecidented times.


Mike & Carol