Following this evenings government update and the increase in the countries Tiers we would like to update you on Andrewsfields plans. Although we were hoping to return to some operations on the 4th January, It would seem that we will remain in Tier 4 restrictions until at least the 18th January.

Unfortunatly Essex still remains one of the worst hit for COVID reported cases so we will have to keep the airfield and millibar closed until at least the 18th January . We will NOTAM this accordingly. Our guidlines for returning of operations are as follows.

Teir 4
The airfield will remain closed, there may be maintainance flights for club aircraft carried out by Instructors  if required prior to the 18th January. Individuals will be notified accordingly.
Tier 3
The flightschool will open for profesional flight training and special individual cases. Millibar remains closed.

Tier 2
All flight training will commence with normal COVID regulations adhered to. Millibar open with hospitality restrictions in place.

Like the government we will be watching the situation closely and will update you as and when things change.

We wish you all the best for 2021 and as always we thank you for your support in these difficult times.

Carol & Mike