Tailwheel Conversion



Any UK licence holder wishing to fly a tail wheel aeroplane for the first time is required to complete ‘Differences Training’ to the satisfaction of an an appropriately qualified instructor.

The nature, content and duration of the ‘Differences Training’ is not laid down by CAP 804 or Part-FCL but is left to the discretion of the instructor conducting the training. Moreover, there is no formal test or check at the end of the training.

Our tail wheel conversion course has been designed to meet most people’s needs and abilities. It is only a guide and the actual amount of training will very much depend on how each individual performs on the course.


Pre-course Requirements

Before being permitted to begin the course of training the candidate shall have a valid and current:

  • Aeroplane Licence
  • SEP (Land) Class Rating or SSEA
  • Medical Certificate


Ground Training

The ground training element of the Tail Wheel Conversion course consists of 2 hours of ground instruction on subjects associated with tail wheel operations including:

  • Principles of flight (tail wheel specific)
  • Ground operations
  • Visual circuits – take-off, landing
  • Crosswind operations
  • Type specific operations


Flight Training

The flight training element of the Tail Wheel Conversion course consists of a 5 hours of dual instruction


Skills Test

There are no formal tests on completion of the Tail Wheel Conversion course



Permits a licence holder to fly tail wheel aeroplanes as PIC



The ‘Differences Training’ remains valid for the duration of the pilot’s flying career



There are no revalidation / renewal requirements



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Also available for Experience Flights