Visit Andrewsfield – information for non-pilots


The history of the club is that it was a small flying club with its own café for members and family and friends and residents from the local villages.

The flying members pay membership, and the use of club house facilities were part of the membership, and the locals were social members as a thank you for living near an airfield.

During the past 30 years the clubhouse and its domestic facilities were able to cope with the footfall. Also, those visiting and using the facilities, were respectful to the flying club, its facilities, aircraft, and safety.

Unfortunately, and as is often the case, we have a situation where the minority spoil it for the majority. Recently the café has been attracting many others who have shown no regard for the facilities, the aircraft and the safety issues associated with safety around an active airfield. Incidents such as

  • Motorcyclists/cyclists/cars and pedestrians turning in front of an aircraft taxing.
  • Dog off the lead on the runway
  • Children unaccompanied wondering around whilst aircraft are taxing
  • Cars driving on the active runway
  • Parents giving driving lessons to children on the airfield near aircraft.
  • Access noise and bad language in clubhouse.

We even had a cyclist park his bike against one of our aircraft by jamming his front wheel into the elevator. This alone could have caused a serious if not fatal accident, had we not spotted the offence.

The CAA our governing body who issue our license have always had concerns about the roadway and its proximity to the runway. Until recently we have been able to fend off their concerns however now after too many close incidents that could cause fatalities, we have no choice but to limit the use of the airfield and clubhouse to Members and Social local Members only.

We know this will seem unfair to those visitors who have supported the café and behaved correctly.

To those concerned we can only apologies.

We would add that the café/bar is available after flying operations have ceased in the evenings.

The Directors