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Andrewsfield Outlook

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  10:29:03am (GMT)      10:29:03am (UTC)

Headline: Wintry coastal showers. Mostly dry and sunny elsewhere. Cold.

Today: Feeling cold. Inland a largely dry day is expected with sunny spells. Near coasts remaining rather cloudy with further showers, perhaps turning wintry at times, with snow over the North York Moors. Breezy near the coast. Maximum Temperature 4C.

Tonight: Any showers, wintry at times, mostly confined to coastal fringes. Elsewhere, a dry and cold night with lengthy clear spells allowing a widespread frost to form. Minimum Temperature -5C.

Thursday: Remaining cold with coastal wintry showers perhaps moving a little inland during the afternoon. Elsewhere, dry and feeling cold, especially in the northerly breeze near coasts. Maximum Temperature 2C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Very cold, especially overnight with widespread frosts. Often sunny, however daytime temperatures remaining close to freezing. Showers, wintry at times, predominantly along coasts. Winds falling light.


Stansted (EGSS)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGSS 070950Z AUTO 31006KT 270V330 9999 SCT008 02/00 Q1022

TAF: TAF EGSS 070458Z 0706/0812 33006KT 8000 OVC004 TEMPO 0706/0708 9999 SCT004 BECMG 0708/0711 9999 FEW020 PROB30 TEMPO 0711/0713 BKN009 PROB30 0803/0809 8000

Southend (EGMC)

Current conditions: IFR

METAR: EGMC 071020Z 29008KT 9999 BKN008 03/01 Q1022

TAF: TAF COR EGMC 071008Z 0710/0718 32009KT 9999 BKN008 BECMG 0710/0712 SCT012 PROB40 TEMPO 0712/0715 BKN014

RAF Wattisham (EGUW)

Current conditions: LIFR

METAR: EGUW 070950Z 31010KT 8000 BR OVC003 01/01 Q1021 BECMG 9999 NSW BKN008 RMK BLACKYLO2 BECMG GRN

TAF: TAF AMD EGUW 070916Z 0709/0718 32008KT 3000 BR BKN001 BECMG 0709/0711 9999 NSW BKN008 BECMG 0711/0713 FEW008 PROB30 TEMPO 0713/0718 SCT008