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Andrewsfield Outlook

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  01:57:37pm (GMT)      01:57:37pm (UTC)

Headline: Brightest in east, patchy rain in west. Wetter towards midweek.

Today: On the cloudy side at times, this mainly in the west with patchy rain here. Often drier and brighter in the east, perhaps more generally so in the afternoon, ahead of cloud spreading northeast into the evening. Maximum Temperature 8C.

Tonight: Soon becoming cloudy as rain spreads northeast, becoming increasingly heavy and persistent later in the night. Frost probably very limited given increasingly unsettled conditions. Minimum Temperature 2C.

Tuesday: Potentially very wet, with a band of persistent, occasionally heavy rain stalling over the region, seeing out the day. Rather cold in the north, milder but breezy in the south. Maximum Temperature 11C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: Heavy, persistent rain likely continuing Wednesday. Notably colder Thursday, with a risk of gales and some snow, ahead of a brighter but colder end to the week with wintry showers.


Stansted (EGSS)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGSS 181350Z AUTO 23010KT 9999 NCD 06/04 Q1020

TAF: TAF EGSS 181103Z 1812/1918 23008KT 9999 SCT045 BECMG 1817/1820 SCT004 BKN007 TEMPO 1818/1905 4000 RA BKN004 PROB30 TEMPO 1822/1904 1200 BR BKN001 PROB40 TEMPO 1901/1904 +RA BECMG 1903/1906 24020G32KT PROB30 TEMPO 1905/1909 4000 RADZ BR BKN004 BECMG 1908/1911 SCT025 BECMG 1914/1917 21020G30KT BKN008 TEMPO 1914/1918 6000 RA

Southend (EGMC)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGMC 181350Z 24010KT 9999 SCT040 08/03 Q1020

TAF: TAF EGMC 181104Z 1812/1818 25008KT 9999 SCT030 TEMPO 1816/1818 6000 RA BKN008

RAF Wattisham (EGUW)

Current conditions: VFR

METAR: EGUW 181250Z 25011KT 9999 FEW010 BKN220 05/03 Q1019 NOSIG RMK BLU BLU

TAF: TAF EGUW 181330Z 1815/1824 23010KT 9999 SCT040 TEMPO 1817/1819 SCT020 BECMG 1819/1821 BKN004 TEMPO 1820/1824 4000 RA