FIC – Flight Instructor Course


Prices as of 1st Jan 2019


Ex VAT Inc VAT Course inc VAT
FIC in C152 (30 Hours) £202.78/hr £243.33 £7300
FIC in PA28 (30 Hours) .£217.08/hr £260.50 £7815
FIC in C172 (30 Hours) £217.08/hr £260.50 £7815


Prices do not include Fuel Surcharge £2 ph (C152) £2.50 ( PA28/C172-)test fee and a/c cost for test
The above prices include all ground school, instructor fees and Andrewsfield landing fees.

Prices do not include away landing fees, approach fees, test fees and examiner fees (examiner’s fee currently £250)

Any training additional to the course minimum hours will be charged at the above hourly rates.

Andrewsfield aircraft used for test will be charged at normal aircraft PPL hire rates.


Prepaid Course Discounts

30 hours FIC Course 5%

Andrewsfield Aviation Limited reserve the right to vary these prices at any time
For any further information please phone 01371 856744, or email