FIC – Flight Instructor Course

G-BFMG PA28-161 Warrior

Flight instruction is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, whether it be with students just starting out, passing their skill tests or seeking more advanced techniques.

You’ll not only need to have excellent piloting skills and familiarity with the course syllabus, but also a range of teaching abilities that can adapt to the needs of different students. Our highly respected and experienced FIC instructors will develop both of these skill sets with extensive ground briefings, training sorties and self-study.

Pre-Course Entry Requirements

Pilots wishing to give instruction in single-engine aeroplanes will be required to have flown at least 200 hours flight time as pilot of aeroplanes of which at least 150 hours PIC, and meet the requirements of Part-FCL.915

CPL (or ATPL) theory exams are required to instruct for PPL, otherwise ab-initio instruction is limited for LAPL only.
There is no time limit regarding when the CPL/ATPL exams were completed.

Ground Training

The mandatory training for the FI rating requires a minimum of 125 hours of ground instruction including Teaching and Learning and Training Administration and subjects associated with the operation of single-engine propeller aircraft. It includes elements which are related to the type of aeroplane to be used on the course
During the course the student instructor will practice giving ground lectures covering the above subjects to the FIC instructor giving the course

The training shall be integrated with the flight training so that the maximum benefit is gained from time spent in the air.


Flight Training

At least 30 hours flight instruction in an aeroplane


Instructor Skill Test

On satisfactory completion of the flight and ground training the candidate must pass an Instructor Assessment of Competence with an FIE. The contents include:
(a) Theoretical Knowledge Oral including a 45 minute lecture (Subjects chosen from the SE class rating syllabus)
(b) Pre-Flight Briefing (Exercise from SE class rating syllabus)
(c) The Flight (To include pre-briefed exercise from SE class rating syllabus plus other exercises or parts thereof)
(d) Post Flight De-briefing (Students performance)
(e) Result and candidate de-brief



The Commercial Pilot’s Study Manual Series By Mike Burton (Volume 1 and 2 only)
Flying Training Instructor Manual by R D Campbell

CAP804 (Reference Only)
AP3456 Royal Air Force Manual Flying (volume 1 only – Principles of Flight)



To instruct licence holders for the issue / renewal / re-validation of a LAPL/PPL and to conduct differences training
An FI may carry out and sign logbooks for the ‘dual flight with an instructor’ requirement for re-validation of the SEP (Land) class rating

Note: CPL or ATPL Theory exam passes are required to instruct ab-initio PPL including trial lessons.


Valid for 3 years


Revalidation/Renewal Requirements

(a) For re-validation of an FI certificate the applicant shall, within the 12 months
preceding the expiry date of the FI certificate:
(1) conduct at least 10 hours of flight instruction in the role of a FI. If the
applicant has FI privileges on both single-engine and multi-engine
aeroplanes, the 10 hours of light instruction shall be equally divided between
single-engine and multi-engine aeroplanes; or
(2) receive refresher training as a FI at an ATO; or
(3) pass the assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935 for multi-
engine or single-engine aeroplanes, as relevant.
(b) For at least each alternate revalidation of a FI certificate, the holder shall have to
comply with the requirement of (a)(3).
(c) Renewal. If the FI certificate has lapsed, the applicant shall, within a period of
12 months before renewal:
(1) receive refresher training as a FI at an ATO;
(2) pass the assessment of competence established in FCL.935.


Additional Instructor Ratings

You can extend your FI rating with additional privileges, such as Night or Multi-Engine Piston. Contact us for more details.


Our pricing is very competitive – call us for latest prices.

Our prices include all ground school, instructor fees and Andrewsfield landing fees.

Prices do not include away landing fees, approach fees, test fees and examiner fees (examiner’s fee currently £250)

Any training additional to the course minimum hours will be charged at the hourly rates.

Andrewsfield aircraft used for test will be charged at normal aircraft PPL hire rates.

Next Steps

We are very happy to discuss your training plans with you and clarify any aspects of the course. Why not give us a call  on 01371 856744, or email