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Professional Boeing 737-800 Series

Flight Simulator

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Red Bull World Champion PAUL BONHOMME

Red Bull World Champion PAUL BONHOMME

The Boeing 737-800 series simulator is used to provide flight experiences as well as training courses for student and professional pilots. Flight Studio use the very best in software and hardware to ensure the most realistic experience possible.

Our flagship device, the professional Boeing 737-800 Fixed Based Procedural Trainer, is a 1:1 scale replica of the actual aircraft’s cockpit. Our simulator is intended for cockpit familiarisation and procedural training for pilots or to provide the ultimate holiday jet flight experience for enthusiasts, corporate groups or anyone wanting to discover what it’s really like to fly a passenger plane. The following list shows the systems that are simulated.



  • Hydraulic system                                                                 

    Actual Images

    Actual Images

  • Electrical system
  • Bleed air system
  • APU (auxiliary power unit) system
  • Oxygen and pressurisation systems
  • FMC (Flight Management Computer)
  • MCP (Mode Control Panel)
  • Autopilot and flight director
  • Nav, Com & ADF radios


In addition to the above-simulated systems we have a fully motorised throttle quadrant featuring moving trim wheels, motorised trim indicators, spoiler deployment, and moving throttle levers. The simulator also features a touch screen instructor station from where our instructor can change factors such as time of day, fuel loads, weather or repositioning, and simulating faults such as the engine, avionic and hydraulic failures.

The visual system consists of a stunning 200 degrees HD projected landscape. This full wrap-around projection provides the pilots with a realistic sensation of movement and much needed peripheral vision whether you’re on the ground or up above the clouds.

Augmenting the visuals is a surround sound system that incorporates tactile transducers which allow you to ‘feel’ the aircraft. With all this combined you can truly see, hear, and feel all phases of your flight.

Actual Image