Group B737 Flight Experience



If you’d rather visit Flight Studio in the company of friends or family, you and up to three (maximum) other would-be pilots can opt for our Boeing 737 flight simulator group experience. Led by our instructor, who will guide each of you in turn through your flight from take off to landing, each of you will take turns at the controls, while the others watch your performance in comfort on our 50 inch screen in the reception area next to the cockpit.

All our packages must be pre-booked – we do NOT accept drop in clients.



Your group flight experience will include:

  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Pre-flight briefing & session planning
  • In-simulator briefing
  • 30 minute flight time (each person)
  • Post-flight debrief
  • Less than £100 per person

Only experiences for four people can be purchased with this package.

All our packages can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Please call us to discuss.