Hour Building in Florida

All Naples aircraft (C-172, PA-28/161 (Warrior), PA-28R-200 (Arrow), PA-44 (Seminole))  are available for Hour building, with special rate packages are available to allow you to explore the USA, while logging time.

One of the biggest challenges faced by pilots that desire to fly professionally is building the required flight time. Have you found yourself short on multi-engine or total flight time for insurance minimum requirements? We recognise this need and can develop a tailored flight program for our customers.

Aircraft Rental Rates are low and Flight Time can be purchased by the hour or in blocks of time. The more hours you need, the lower the price for aircraft rental.

If you sign up for a minimum block hour rate, you will be required to pay for that minimum time. You may fly in excess of the block hours at the same rate provided the flight time is within the same time period specified for the block hour rental agreement. The block hour rate applies to a 30 day period and hours must be flown within that time period unless approval is granted for an extension due to mechanical or weather delays.


Weather or Mechanical

If you are not able to complete your flying within the time period of your block hour rental agreement, additional time will be granted to compensate for the days lost due to mechanical or weather delays.

Pilot Check-out

All renters must be checked out by one of our instructors to meet insurance requirements.

  • Minimum daily hire time of 5 hrs apply to all hire periods in excess of 8 hrs
  • 50hr Packages to be completed within 14 days
  • All aircraft subject to availability
  • Rates subject to change
  • Rate discount applied at completion of the package
  • Account to be kept in credit at all times
  • All renters to meet NAC’s insurance and checkout requirements.
  • Holders of Non FAA licence should read about converting your licence.





C-172, PA-28/161 (Warrior) One of the following:

    • FAA Student Pilot Certificate an endorsement from an NAC Instructor
    • FAA Private SEL Certificate with checkout by a NAC Instructor.


PA-28R-200 (Arrow) FAA Private SEL Certificate
100 hrs Total Time with either:

    • 25 hrs in retractable plus NAC Instructor checkout
    • 5 Hours of Instruction from a NAC Instructor in a Piper Arrow.


PA-44 (Seminole) FAA Private MEL Certificate
300 hrs Total Time with either:

    • 50 ME with 10 PA-44 and a NAC Instructor checkout
    • 25 hrs ME with a completed NAC MEL Flight Training Course.


Bahamas Flights 200 hrs Total Time with a FAA Private SEL Certificate with 25 hours in Make and Model to be Flown