UK CAA Training at Naples

Naples Air Center (NAC) is the premier Flight School in Florida offering professional and private/ recreational flight training under CAA  and FAA licensing authorities.  From April 2012, European Aviation Safety Agency  Pilot Training is the newly implemented standard replacing JAA for any pilot aiming to fly in Europe. NAC is contracted by Andrewsfield Aviation Limited (AAL) to provide UK CAA pilot training courses  under the approval of AAL al. All  certificates our through the UK CAA (Please see Naples Air Center listed on the approval certificates above). Our training is conducted by UK CAA licensed and approved highly experienced Flight and Ground Instructors.  In addition, NAC also offers FAA training under FAR Part 141 training and FAR Part 61 training programmes. Whether you are fulfilling your dream to become a pilot professionally or privately, we will assist you in achieving your goal.